What I’ve Worked On

  • Developed and supported a resolution to the Port of Seattle about their impacts on the community and need to partner on economic development
  • Advocated for and supported the Council’s decision to petition the FAA for changes in flight paths harming our community
  • Proposed and voted to increase support for the City’s social services funding (0.25% increase to address homelessness)
  • Proposed and led a subcommittee to address how social services funding decisions are made
  • Worked to draft and pass an ordinance supporting the King County Sheriff’s Office Policy prohibiting inquiries on immigration, adding prohibition on creation of religious registries and extending the reach to city employees
  • Advocated for and voted to support our local animal control service (CARES) contract for the next five years
  • Advocating for stronger Block Watch programs
  • Advocating for zoning approaches that support small businesses
  • Advocating to establish a twenty-year vision for our community and laying the groundwork now to begin to achieve it
  • Exploring options to address the homeless population that focus on underlying causes (mental illness, addiction, economic instability, housing prices) rather than arrest and containment
  • Continued participation in discussions about our jail population, including trends, costs, and services, as a member of the SCORE Administrative Board
  • Advocating for green energy approaches in the City and for City infrastructure
  • Advocating for Sound Transit and other transportation alternatives for Burien
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