Over the next four years I will work on

Quality of Life

  • Enhance public safety through improved police services, community engagement (e.g., Block Watch, Citizen Patrol), and urban design (lighting, traffic calming)
  • Continue to identify ways to address the challenges of those experiencing homelessness
  • Explore having playgrounds and community gardens for youth and families in all Burien neighborhoods
  • Support more interactive and engaging neighborhood events
  • Continue to improve the allocation of social services funding (e.g., for teen and afterschool programs)


  • Expand afterschool programs that can help develop skills needed for future jobs
  • Identify opportunities for youth engagement in community events
  • Support more mentors for high school youth
  • Explore robust partnerships with the Highline School System
  • Provide more support for kids in need (e.g., those that are homeless, hungry)


  • Continue to find incentives and remove disincentives to promote successful small businesses
  • Promote job training, apprenticeships, skill development, and employment programs for youth and others in need
  • Explore opportunities for shared co-working and maker spaces for entrepreneurs and artists
  • Continue to reduce administrative impediments to doing business in Burien
  • Explore opportunities for small manufacturing, office space, hotel, food, and health service industries
  • Promote value chains and cooperatives for employee/shared ownership models to help create wealth


  • Continue to promote green building codes and green/clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote walking, biking, and transit to provide alternative transportation options
  • Protect and continue to clean-up Puget Sound
  • Identify approaches to continue to clean-up our urban environment, including waste management, code enforcement, graffiti removal, green plantings
  • Continue to aggressively push the Port and FAA to reduce noise and pollutants in Burien from SeaTac Airport


  • Continue to support an array of festivals/cultural events/celebrations
  • Promote international food festivals/districts
  • Enhance support for and coordination of artistic endeavors (e.g., visual, music, performance, written) into all aspects of city programs and planning
  • Continue to explore the value of and steps to develop a versatile performing arts center to support all Burien artists
  • Promote community gardens throughout the city that recognize interest in culturally diverse foods and the need to provide access to healthy and fresh food for all
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